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Vancouver Strangers Dine Out Together To Celebrates The Year Of The Rooster
by Staff Writer

What better way to bring in the Lunar New Year than dine out with friends, family members or even complete strangers. Heard about Meetup.com? It’s a global way where people can meet new people in a variety of social settings, such as hiking, playing scrabble, dancing, and dining.

I added my name to a few social groups and got many invites to join strangers dining out on New Year’s festivities. The menu is definitely not for vegans, so beware. But those who are meat eaters can feast on many delectables, such as Peking Duck, crispy Shanghai chicken, Rock Cod with mixed vegetables, black-pepper crab or prawn.

So if you are new in town, and one of your resolutions is to meet new friends and enjoy  the sights and sounds of Vancouver, check out meet up.com/Vancouver.

If you are shy, not to worry. There’s even a shy people’s group.

Okay. Are you ready for this? This is Wisertraveller.org‘s first annual predictions for the Year Of The Rabbit. Are you listening, Vancouver?

  • -The city of Vancouver will put a ban to plastic bags and  plastic cups. Finally. After all, the city hopes to be the greenest city and ending this wasteful item will help solve the problem of plastic ending up in the landfill and in our oceans.


  • Grizzly trophy hunting will stop in British Columbia. Yes, believe it or not, people with big bucks spend thousands of dollars to book a trip for the sole purpose of shooting a grizzly. Every year, between 300-400 grizzlies are killed by hunters who feel that shooting a grizzly gives them superiority over nature. To help stop the hunting, consider this site: https://www.change.org.


  • Spring will come early and so will be the return of Pamela Anderson, grey jogging pants, milk tea drinks.  Really?


  • The Vancouver Canucks will make it to the playoffs and win the Stanley Cup. There will also be a ticker-tape parade.


  • Über will enter the Vancouver market in a test capacity and be available during peak months, and weekends.


  • More refugees and people from all over the world will choose Vancouver to live –thanks to the new United States President-elect Donald Trump.


  • Vancouver will open it’s first high-tech restaurant. Order food on a tablet and food will be served by regular servers.


  • Vancouver will hold a Peace concert featuring the likes of Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, The Who and many others.


  • Vancouver will open its first cat-friendly park. Why not, folks? We have dog-friendly parks.


  • 4 major Vancouver employers will pay its employees to take public transit to work.

So there you have it! Gung Hay Fat Choy! If you see these events come to fruition this year, remember that you read this here first!




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