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This Week’s Health Tips from Ms. Mu

Aug 2, 2011

Ms. Mu wants you to stay healthy and happy.

Here are a few of my travel tips.

1.  Don’t forget your sunscreen. Protecting your skin against harmful rays which can cause skin cancer and aging of the skin are reasons why using sunscreen is so important.

2. Always wear a seat belt and a bicycle helmet. Both these items save lives and doing so could save yours.

3. Don’t even think about texting and driving. Or for that matter, driving and talking on the cellphone. Distractions are a major reason for car accidents and injuries. If you need to pull over to take that call, do so. Or just postpone picking up the phone.

4. Hiking alone is not safe.  Hiking in pairs is better. Carry a cell phone if you are in the woods or hiking in the mountains.

5. Drink plenty of fluids especially in hot weather. Your body needs water to function.  Not getting enough fluids especially when you are doing sports or outside in hot weather could lead to dehydration and you might start feeling sick. Always carry enough fluids with you if you plan on doing hiking.

6. Get plenty of sleep if you are the driver on a road trip. Falling asleep at the wheel of the car while driving is dangerous and tragically cost people their lives.  If this happens to you while driving, stop immediately and pull over safely and take a quick nap. If possible, take turns driving or just know the warning signs if you are feeling sleepy and drowsy.


Ms. Mu wants everybody to Stay Healthy and Be Safe!


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