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Hello, everyone. Let me introduce myself. I am Ms. Mu and I feel that I can be of service to all you folks interested in travel. I have a few tips in mind. One thing I want to outline is the reasons why travel is a great thing to everybody.  Here are a few reasons that I have determined to be valid reasons to grab your passport  or camp gear and hang out in a different country or place.

1. Travel is great fun!  There is no better way to spend your vacation than on a beach, or taking pictures at a medieval castle in England.

2.  Learn a language.  Maybe you failed miserably in French in high school, but even your little knowledge will come in handy in Paris, France when you are trying to find your way to see the Louvre, or some other eatery famous for its pastries.  Spanish is another great language to learn, and scientists say learning something new is great for your brain cells and encourages longevity.

3.  Hanging out with friends or family.  Time is precious and taking a trip together is a great way to relax and enjoy activities together. Furthermore, if you are in a group, there is a good chance you may get a table at a restaurant a lot faster in a busy lineup. Some great family vacations include cruise ships, Disneyland or  camping at your local provincial park.

4. Just getting away is a great way to get your energy back and clear your mind. If you are in a stressful job, taking a vacation is a great way to distance yourself from negative situations and helps you to evaluate everything from a neutral position.  You can also take notes of life in other countries, and in doing so, may appreciate your own life.  Travel also makes the world smaller and perhaps you can learn a new recipe, dance move, or even meet a new friend.

Travel opens up your mind and awakens your heart. Try it sometime. Til next time.  Best Regards, Ms.Mu.





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