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This Week: Checking Out A Local Lebanese Buffet and Canada’s Best Restaurants Are Located In the Lower Mainland And The Winners Are….
by Staff Writer

Have you heard the news? Canada’s finest restaurants are located in  the lower mainland but keep in mind that if you want to dine in one of these restaurants, reservations are a must. Stay posted for the top restaurants which will be revealed later on in this article.

But if you want to eat and have no time for reservations, check out the Lebanese buffet located on the corner of 6990 Victoria drive. It’s hard to miss the lunch and dinner buffet signs. We dined at Tibishti Grill and Restaurant on a sunny day recently and were greeted by the affable owner, Khairi, who was happy to explain the different types of salads and meats available there.

Certainly, the salads were superbly fresh! There were at least 10 different Lebanese salads to choose from and all were refreshingly tasty. The meat entrees were equally appetizing, and ranged from two types of lamb served with gravy, to chicken and beef. Tea came free with the $15 buffet lunch price.

All was good but I admit to being confused over the pricing since outside, the buffet price for lunch said $11.95 but we were charged $14.95 each. Although the owner explained that the lower price was for the week day,  it wasn’t mentioned on the sign. Still, despite the confusion over the pricing, the food was filling, satisfying and hearty.

A meal of this quality also called for desserts. But alas, on this day, the owner said they didn’t have any today. Can’t wait to eat there again, and hopefully, dessert would be available to end a fine meal.

The morale of this article is that if you can’t get at reservation at any of the restaurants below, don’t forget about the lesser known restaurants. They are equally as good and also less pricey. Yes, I guess my biggest beef  is why all the top restaurants rated excellent are usually top-dollar and a bit out of range for families, students and those who want to stick to a budget.

Vancouver entrepreneurs are you listening! There is a market for great restaurants for people who are price-conscious, vegan, vegetarian, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly.





Top Restaurants In The Lower Mainland

Recently, a panel of esteemed judges voted for the top restaurants across Canada. For 2017, a selection of restaurants were chosen in the West including:

Hawksworth Restaurant
Kissa Tanto
Vij’s Restaurant
Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill
Savio Volpe
Wolf in the Fog
Masayoshi Sushi Bar
Ancora Waterfront Dining
Blue Water Cafe
Ask for Luigi
La Quercia
Le Crocodile
Bearfoot Bistro

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