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Tesla Model 3 Anyone? Vancouver International Auto Show -Offers Electric, Vintage, Hybrid Cars–Top Vancouver Event
by Staff Writer

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Let’s face it. With so many Vancouver events happening in March, this one is on the top of many peoples’ lists. Everyone has a dream car in mind. For people with owning a Tesla Model 3 electric car in mind or would like to dream about owning a fancy sports car like a Lamborghini, the annual Vancouver International Auto Show is the place to be. (held from March 23-27) But for the lucky, I had the opportunity to munch on some fancy appetizers and drink down a glass of smooth beer and wine at the Cactus Club Lounge opposite to the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre.

Then it was off to the Auto show. Perched in front of the entrance is a shiny electric car Nissan 100 % Electric Leaf car.

If an electric car is what you have in mind, the show offers up a selection of the green-friendly vehicles to visitors who happily took pictures with their smartphones.

The Tesla Model  3 Vehicle-

Yes, this Tesla vehicle should be seen to be believed. Incredibly, the car comes without an engine which makes doing an oil change or buying gas a thing-0f-the-past. Who would have thought that you can put something in the front engine of the car? I watched as a young man playfully placed his small child in the engine-area of the vehicle.

The most-talked about electric car is also getting cheaper. Incredibly, you can get a Tesla for the low-ball price of $35,000. The sales rep at the Telsa booth happily offered that they were taking deposits next week at $1000 to hold a vehicle once it became available for sale at the Vancouver location. And just in case you have changed your mind about the vehicle for some reason –(you want to stick to a gas-guzzling vehicle?) you can get your money back.

Should you decide to buy a Tesla?

When the Tesla Model S first came out in 2012, it scored numerous awards for safety and for its environmentally-friendly initiatives. However, the cost of this luxury vehicle may be beyond the budget of many, that’s why so many people are awaiting the arrival of the lower cost edition –the Tesla Model 3, at roughly $35,000.

At the auto show, many people crowded around the vehicle, testing out the interior and snapping pictures. Here’s a few things to know, courtesy of the sales rep: the battery is under the car and the vehicle is very heavy –at up to 4000 lbs. It’s aimed at being the first massed-marketed electric car.

Let’s hope more people can jump on the electric car bandwagon so that we can help stop global warming and keep the earth healthy for future generations.

With so many cars and so many levels to explore, there’s probably a vehicle at the auto show for people of discriminating tastes. The more luxury cars are roped off to visitors and some have an outragous price tag equal to the cost of a condominium or home.


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