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Need A Delivery Service To Pick Up Coffee, Or Items For A Recipe? Move Over Uber! –This Upcoming New Online Delivery Service Promises To Move More Than Flowers Or Pizza To Consumers
by Staff Writer

Special To Wisertraveller.org

In Vancouver, we have pizza delivery services. But if you are hunkering for donuts or a cappucino, and you are too tired to drive? What do you do?

This week, We at Wisertraveller.org are happy to invite the inventor of Bring This, a new on-demand App, to explain how this service works and how consumers and sellers can benefit.

Melvin Bunag, inventor of Bring It, a new app bringing consumers who want things in a jiffy to sellers who can deliver.

Melvin Bunag


Guest Post Writer

by Melvin Bunag

Bring This was conceived a few times… when I was relaxing on the couch or couldn’t leave work, I craved Timmy’s or Starbucks. When I planned to make an amazing dish but forgot to buy a key ingredient from Walmart or Safeway. What’s the common denominator? None of these businesses offered delivery.

On August 1, we’re launching Bring This, an on-demand tool to request for items and services to come to you. Everything including food, clothes, accessories, services – they can all come to you. Here’s how it works:

Request it – if someone’s near the location where you need something, they’ll get notified on their phone. They’ll then let you know if they can pick it up for you.

Pay for it – using your Credit Card, pay for the item and the Runner fee (the amount the person says they’ll charge you for bringing the item)

Receive it – whether it’s an item or a service, they should get to you within the estimated time using the real-time tracker on your phone.

How much will this cost? Well, that depends on a couple of factors:

Item cost: this is a set price established by the business you’re purchasing from. There’s no wiggle room here… you can’t ask Starbucks or Tim Horton’s for a discount on your coffee!

Runner fee: this will vary depending on the amount someone wants to charge you for bringing you the item. People can bid their fee and you can select the lowest price possible!

We want to make your life easier while opening up a world of possibilities. Have someone bring you life’s necessities while you stay in the moment. We’ve all had those times when we wished our favourite businesses would come to us… it’ll be possible soon enough!

Check out bringthis.ca for more information!

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