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This Edition: Read About An Amazing Couple With Their World Bike Ride To Promote Eco-Friendly Travel
by Staff Writer

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Amazing Couple is Living Their Dreams With Their World Bike Ride










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Dear Readers, this story is super special because this couple exemplifies the spirit of this blog: How To Be A Wise Traveller And Learning About Life Along The way!

Exclusive to Wisertraveller.org  This Couple Is Travelling Around The World —All On A Bike!

Feb 20, 2016 —

At a local coffee shop, we are surprised to recognize  a young fit couple who were profiled on TV news not so long ago. It’s not just an ordinary couple. We’ve just met the outgoing, and cheerful young couple from Santiago, Chile who is undergoing an incredible journey of a lifetime:  travelling around the world by bike.

Who are they? The couple is Bernard and Natalia from Santiago, Chile. While Natalia chats nearby with someone from the coffee shop, Wisertraveller.org got a chance to talk to Bernard who happily agrees to expand upon their adventures so far.  Amazingly, the couple started their trip by bike in November 2014, starting off in Cuba. Later, the couple also biked to Mexico where they photographed and made friends with locals. They encountered a more arduous journey through Baha, California.







In Baja, it was especially grueling as “it was extremely hot” and food and water were in short supply. Still, they made it through the desert and once in the United States, they raised funds by cleaning peoples’ garages. One homeowner had so much junk, he says, that once the garage was cleared of unusable items, he had to go back there in another week to do another cleaning. He smiles and takes it all in stride because the pay was good, he says.

The reason to cycle around the world? It’s a dream to see the world, says Bernard. And he hopes that their journey will inspire other people to follow their dreams, whatever they may be.

Also, the ride is a way to promote cycling as an eco-friendly way to see the world, he says.

And Vancouver? He says they liked Stanley Park and points out that the park is ideal for cyclists because of its numerous bike paths and great scenery.

Their immediate plans are to make their way across Canada. Then the couple will bike some more, and make it around more countries –until they have seen the entire world. It’s a long way to go and Bernard estimates that their bike trip will take 5 to 10-years to complete.  Already, they have taken thousands of photos and when I request a photo of them, to my amazement, they ask for a photo of me –selfie style.

You can follow the couple on their blog at  http://bynbike.com which chronicles their incredible journey through photos, writings,  and videos. To donate to help support their world bike ride, please visit their website where there is a donate button.



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