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Travel Feature -Hiking Mt Roberts in Juneau, Alaska –A Trail With a Great View —

As a first-time visitor to Juneau, Alaska, it was a bit overwhelming to try to do everything in a few hours. But if you’re into hiking, I’d recommend taking the Mt. Roberts trail, located just off the main road in Juneau, Alaska. This is also the cheapest way to do sightseeing in Juneau, especially if you are short on time and need to do some exercise.

Hiking is also great for cruisers. After indulging in the generous and delicious meals offered during a June trip on board the magnificent Sapphire Princess cruise ship, it was great to stretch our legs in Juneau. Instead of choosing to see the very popular Mendenhall glacier, we asked at the visitors center for information on short trails in Juneau. We headed for Mt Roberts trail, which we found by walking up a few side streets lined with quaint houses and asking a few friendly residents biking by. Getting there, we had to climb a hill which overlooked the city of Juneau. Once there, hikers can decide to go at a moderate pace or fast, and in my case, I did the best I could, which was neither moderate or fast. After a while, I took off my jacket as I was sweating the longer I walked. Every now and then, we met a hiker. At one point, we passed a middle-aged woman who said she was on a cruise line, too. About half an hour later, we met her again –this time she was hiking down. Surprised by my slowness, I took every ounce of strength I had to try to finish the hike as quickly as possible. And when we reached the summit in under two hours, we were rewarded by a great view. As well, visitors also have the opportunity to visit a gift shop and see an eagle.

Another plus for visitors is that the ride down from the trail using the tram was virtually free. All you had to do was buy some souvenirs totaling about $10 at the gift store. Truly, a Juneau secret.


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