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Concert Review : Glitzy Stage Show, Energetic Dancers Help Keep Madonna’s Audience Transfixed

Oct 6 2012

Bring on the glitz! If you thought the 80’s glam era was over, think again! Vancouverites got two chances to see the still young-looking, energetic and controversial singer-dancer Madonna who played Rogers Arena in September recently.

Singing a medley of her old hits and then some new ones, the veteran singer showed off her fit body in a steady stream of body hugging outfits meant to showcase her bosom and her derriere.  With sets that resembled an MTV video highlighting some of her famous songs, Madonna sang and danced her way through carefully choreographed numbers, accompanied by a group of energetic and very physical dancers.

Thanks to the incredible sets and her remarkable dancers who acted and danced in most of her songs, Madonna  pulled off her songs dramatically in scenes that highlighted gun violence and its aftermath.  In a shocking opening scene, Madonna, singing and toting a gun, shoots and kills her attackers in a seemingly endless display of death and mayhem. Despite the obvious glorification of gun violence,  we later see she’s seen the worst that can happen. Briefly, we see the names and pictures of innocent young people killed by guns.

On a brighter note, Madonna stuck to her famous schtick, dancing not unlike her MTV videos, which made songs like  “Vogue” and “Material Girl” famous.  Striking a pose just like her younger days, Madonna, during one of her sultry songs, stripped down to a barely there outfits, aided by a young and handsome male  strong enough to lift her and carry her away.  If she tried to shock with her display of bare flesh, , the audience -still enthusiastic and composed of a mixture  of young and older Madonna fans –seemed transfixed and couldn’t keep their gaze off the stage and the huge video monitor.

In a surprise scene, the still sassy Pop Diva pulled off her bottom outfit to reveal a large tattoo supporting a Russian girl band known as Pussy Riot –some members of which have been jailed in the Kremlin over their anti-government views.

Despite having a singing voice that is merely adequate,  Madonna pulled off her concert quite well,  with a great part of the reason due to the huge talents by the dancers who contorted and threw their bodies up and down on moving sets as effortlessly as a Cirque Du Soleil performer.  All her songs also were supported by a nearly invisible band, complete with great vocals from the backup singers.

When the whole show ended a mere two hours later, did the one and only Madonna thank the rest of the performers, singers and musicians for helping to make  the concert thrilling and exciting to watch? Not one word.  Just “Thank you, Vancouver!” and she was gone.

This writer believes that the rest of the performers and the unseen workers should also “Take a Bow”, if one may borrow from the lyrics of one of her famous songs. Pop Queen or not, she was aided by a remarkable Royal artistic entourage who helped to make this a memorable concert.


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