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The WhistleBlower (2010) -starring Rachel Weisz, Monica Bellucci, Vanessa Redgrave

Aug 15, 2011

If you love nail biters, this movie has all the elements of a suspenseful, well-acted thriller. Enter policewoman Kathryn Bolkovac played by the slender Rachel Weisz, who leaves her home in the United States for a taste of a well paying but stressful peacekeeping job in post-war  Bosnia. She’s a serious, consciousness worker and quickly wins a court case defending a local woman beaten by her traditionalist husband.

After this hard-fought  victory, she lands a leadership role in the United Nations.  When she’s not romancing a married fellow American, she’s uncovered a plot that involves human trafficking that involves American military contractors and the United Nations. Inspired by actual events, this movie is gripping and deals with the sordid tales of how young women are unknowingly thrown into human trafficking by the age-old quest for money.

This movie, while sometimes a tearjerker, highlights the dangers and the frustrations that can happen to whistleblowers like Kathryn, who bravely strive to win the war again the traffickers.  Shot mostly in Romania, the movie is a realistic, often brutal look at post-war Bosnia, where the locals, as depicted by the mother of one sex slave,  struggle with poverty and unemployment.

Even though the title of the movie seems to give away the story, the film is absorbing, important and has several heart-thumping moments to keep you riveted in your seat. Too bad, human trafficking is all too real and cruel for the victims and their families.







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