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“A Trip To Italy” Movie Is Worth The Journey -Movie Review

by Nancy Chan

That’s my kind of road trip! Luscious Italian villas, gorgeous views of quaint towns, a warm, welcoming sea, and two comedians in a Mini Cooper with duelling Roger Moore and Michael Caine impressions.
That’s what you get in The Trip to Italy, following Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon playing versions of themselves living high off the hog on a newspaper’s dime, while travelling photogenic Italy, ostensibly to write restaurant reviews. There is a lot of eating, drinking, driving, cracking wise, and little writing. The premise seems slight – two funny Brits on their way to somewhere picturesque, but the film has surprising depth.
I enjoyed the interplay of light and dark, the clever and the vulgar, the literate and the pop cultural references. For all the soul-uplifting shots of the Italian coastline, or the snigger-inducing imitations of Tom Hardy or Christian Bale, there’s an undertone of elegiac wistfulness in this trip, our two middle-aged, life-encumbered lads lamenting the loss of their attractiveness to young women even while their banter shows that in some sense they have never really grown up.
They may travel, but they do not get to leave their home problems behind.
Along the way, Steve and Rob tour and pose for selfies at famous landmarks where literary giants like Byron and Shelley once trod, go to Pompeii where Rob engages in his own special dialogue with a long-dead citizen, and holds a few reunions with friends, old lovers, and family.
The loneliness of being on the road, with awkward night-time calls home, is shown, along with the privileged life of those who get to stay in the Greta Garbo or the Napoleon suite at a fancy hotel.
Coogan and Brydon play off each other well, as they try to one-up each other’s impressions, or cut into each other with insults with stings dulled by the sheer absurdity of what they are saying. They bond to Alanis Morrisette and Verdi, over local wines and handmade pasta.
Italy and la dolce vita have never looked quite so beautiful. Go on The Trip to Italy and see for yourself.

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