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Happy Chinese New Year: If You Are Thinking of Buying A New Home In Vancouver’s Hot Real Estate Market, Read on!
by Staff Writer


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If you are a local resident, you already know what Vancouver offers: it’s a place that has a world-class reputation for its beautiful scenery, fine cuisine, multicultural diversity and tons of outdoor activities for the young and the old. It’s easy to see why people from other countries love what the city offers. But there’s one group that is making a  bigger splash in the Vancouver real estate market. It’s the affluent people from Mainland China. Now there’s an academic study to support this.  According to a recent study done over a six-month period last year, 70 percent of all detached home buyers are by Mainland China buyers.

Is there something these home buyers didn’t know? According to a Vancouver radiation testing company, there is something everybody can do before they consider buying a home.

Test for radiation before you buy a home, cautions one company.

If you are thinking of buying a home, it may be a good idea to do wide-frequency radiation testing, according to a local testing company. The reason, they say, is that there may be potential dangers  lurking near your home or potential dream home.  There are studies and research done on the topic of electromagnetic radiation with some studies suggesting that  there may be some dangers to people if they have  prolonged exposure to EMF emissions.  Other things to consider: if you want to own a property, consider how far it is from a power line. Studies have pointed to possible associations between power lines and its role in cancer development. To read more about this  topic and the potential dangers caused by EMF radiation,   go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7mLmwc6cUM.  Closer to home, a local website has reported that a young family is struggling to cope with the news that their child is suffering from leukemia.

If you are experiencing headaches, tiredness or muscle tension, radio smog may be to blame. It also may be time to test your own home for high EMF emissions.

For potential home buyers who want to avoid health problems, it may be wise to do some testing of your own.

Yes, before you buy your dream home, you may want to get it evaluated for potential radiation dangers.

Click Here to look at actual, live, gaussmeter tests in Surrey, West Vancouver, Marpole, and North Vancouver.


To get your property tested, call 604-512-9567. For further information: informant@justice.com


Happy Chinese New Year to you!

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