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Our Lady of Guildford: Pilgrims Flock To A Local Family’s Home After Miraculous Oil Appears On Walls
by Staff Writer


Is this a miracle? For many people coming to one family’s home in  Surrey, B.C. this is definitely one for the books. After hearing about this family’s experience with the divine, I took the relatively long, complicated  trip from Vancouver to Surrey to see this for myself. For years, I have been incredibly interested in going to a place to see events that are out of this world. On my wish list is Lourdes, France where millions of people go each year to get healed and to experience the divine. However, for people like myself, Lourdes is too far away and a trip of this nature must be carefully planned and budgeted.

For most of last week, it rained constantly and I was pleasantly surprised that the rain had stopped and the highway going to Surrey had just the right amount of traffic. All I knew is that this place is conveniently in my province and at the Evergreen apartments. After a few wrong turns and perked up by caffeine, we finally parked near  an apartment complex right across from the Guildford Town Centre. I expected to see a lineup of people at the complex but nobody was at the entrance. True, the local newspaper and the television station did not mention the address where the family lives, so I was gambling that I was at the right address. Although there was no notice on the door, I carefully buzzed “315” firmly. When there was an opportunity for me to speak, I ventured that I was here to see the Virgin Mary.  There was a pause, then I was buzzed in. Bingo! I had found the place!

I took the elevator to the 3rd floor and walked a few metres down the hall where I saw a photo of the Virgin Mary on the door of 315. A small boy opened the door and I offered my gift of some tea bags, which was accepted. Taking off my boots, I was ushered to a bedroom where family members and a few pilgrims focused on the oils dripping on the walls.

The room was very warm and it must have been due to the many candles lit. After a few minutes, I began asking questions, mostly to the small boy who did not wish to be photographed.

The young boy in the room told me that it has been at least 3 weeks since oils mysteriously appeared on the bedroom walls. A local paper reported that a woman, Sanaan Alyais, was visited by the Virgin Mary, who instructed her to look at the wall. According to the newspaper, her daughter, Sandy, said that Mother Mary’s message to her daughter is simply to encourage people to pray for people in Iraq and Syria. According to the paper, the mother told her that Mother Mary asked that  people not to touch the oil on the wall as it is like touching her face.

Across the carefully-made bed, I noticed that there were statues of the Holy Family on a dresser but on the other side of the room. I was given permission to awkwardly scramble on top of the bed to reach the other side and photograph the statues.

A family member told me that oils were also dripping down the faces of the Holy Family and on the mirror. I peered at one statue and notice that one gigantic oil droplet  was dripping off a statue of Jesus’ chin. The woman took a drop of the precious oil and dabbed it. I did the same and dabbed it on my mother whom I had wheeled in to see the shrine.

Although the oil on the walls seems plentiful, I am reminded by the small boy, not to touch the oil on the wall. Small candles on a table are lit and the young boy encourages me to light a candle for me and my mom. I am also encouraged to take a small candle, after it is lit, home with me for private prayers. As I was about to leave, I am offered a few small cotton balls filled with the precious oils. I am also offered a few photos of Jesus and the Virgin Mary as a parting gift.

I talked to one woman, Sydney, who made her way from Burnaby to experience healing.  She told me that she had suffered some head pain due to a work-related incident. But after dabbing some oil on her head, her pain went away.

Is Surrey going to be a city to be known for healing? Thanks to “Our Lady of Guildford,” Surrey, B.C. could well be a destination of choice for international pilgrims seeking a touch of the divine.

To see this place, you’ll have to go to Guildford’s Evergreen apartment and buzz 315.

(New note: As of this time of writing, (May 26 2016), it’s not confirmed that the wall is still “weeping.”


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