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Don’t Forget To Bring A Flashlight –An Essential Travel Item To Take With You Hiking Or For An Emergency
by Staff Writer


Special To Wisertraveller.org –Guest Blogger

How knowledgeable are you about Flashlights?

Several flashlights existed before LED flashlight came to be. But how knowledgeable are you about them? This article will shed more light on the flashlight history.

LED Flashlight History

Back in the day, humans where used to having fire at night outside like carrying a lantern with candle in it or oil lamp. You can just imagine how that could impede you in so many ways. But with the coming of flashlights, humans start to tilt towards this new technology and let go of fire and lantern.

After Edison’s invention over 100 years ago, Hubert Americans came up with the first torch ever. The flashlight or other torch is an electronic tool that is specifically meant lighting.

Before the coming of Cree XM-L T6 LED Flashlight,there existed three flashlights that made phenomena impact in human history—halogen flashlight, ordinary flashlight and xenon lamp flashlight—and you can also include divide tungsten and xenon HID.

Halogen flashlight has taken the back seat with the coming of LED, and is now very few in the market.

Flashlight composing of incandescent bulbs and also alkaline batteries are covered with cladding metals and popularly referred to as first generation of flashlight. Some of the features that might interest you are the use of incandescent bulbs, provision of low luminous efficiency, easy to burn, and the fact that it is powered by alkaline batteries that has large capacity. The only down side is the short battery life.

For xenon flashlight, incandescent light bulb is being used, but due to the presence of xenon, an improvement in brightness is achieved. The flashlight can provide high brightness but low battery life—40 hours maximum.

LED stands for light emitting diode, and light tool deploy this device as a light source. Some of its characteristics are it high durability, power-saving, brightness and so much more. This makes it well-suited and the most promising flashlight that you can ever think of in this day and age.

LED and its Characteristics

When you put the incandescent and neon lights side by side with LED, you’ll immediately realize that LED has got the following characteristics:

  • Low operating voltage
  • Very small operating current
  • Can resist shock and vibration effectively
  • Long life and highly reliable
  • The strength of modulation can be adjusted to increase the intensity of light emission

Because of these outstanding characteristics, LED can be deployed for use as light source in optical devices and also the display of signal in electronic devices.

If you want to determine the quality of LED, check out the light source. In flashlight LED bulb can give you a clear understanding of the quality and life of the flashlight. So, when it comes to choosing the Mini Cree LED Flashlight Torch, it is advisable to look for a reputable store that will offer you high quality and good price too. If the truth must be told, most LED flashlight in the market come with good quality, but are highly priced. You can shop online to get better deals in term of quality and wholesale LED flashlight





September 24th


What To Do This Month: Vancouver International Film Festival, Vancouver Fringe Festival, Party In The Park And More
by Staff Writer

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Photo shows the Jericho Beach Park duck pond. The pond rose up again after a few days of much-needed rain, ending a drought that threatened the ducks and other animals in the pond. To my surprise, a rainbow suddenly appeared to me as if to say that the Creator will take care of his animals.Unknown-5


So what if summer is almost over. Get ready for fall. If it’s September, you know that it’s that time of year for The Vancouver Fringe Festival, Vancouver Internationl Film Festival and lots of other events. Here’s a few that I recommend.

Vancouver Fringe Festival

Whether you are looking for a one-man or one-woman show or larger theatrical productions, don’t miss out on the Fringe festival. http://www.vancouverfringe.com. Take your date, yourself, parents, or get together with some friends to laugh it up. There are some serious shows, and some more lighthearted.  The shows go on from Sept 10 to Sept. 20. Be warned! You’ll see some weird and wonderful productions. Take for example a show titled, “Searching For Dick.” Written by Jim and Tara Travis,  spectators will get a taste of the spirit world and eat delicious brownies. (recipe courtesy of the people from the departed).

Vancouver International Film Festival 

If you are looking for glamour, intelligent and thought-provoking films, be sure to get a pass or check out some great films at this year’s festival. Tickets are on sale now at http://www.viff.org. If you want to go to the opening receptions or attend special events, it’s worth it to check out the website and browse films by series. The excitement starts from Sept 24 to Oct. 8. Filmmakers like myself often like to go the workshops to get tips on the latest social media strategies or hear from the writers and producers from Hollywood North or South.

Party at Queen Elizabeth Park

Come and celebrate Queen Elizabeth Park’s 75 birthday. I love parties. September 13, noon to 7 pm.

There’s lots of fun, including:

 A free concert, a licensed area, free pitch and putt, free admission at the Bloedel Conservatory, $5.00 zipline rides, food trucks, family fun, and much more!

Bard On The Beach

There’s still time to catch shows by The Bard or William Shakespeare. The season ends September 26.  Worth checking out is a show called, “Shakespeare’s Rebel.” Set in 1599, during a time of social and military upheaval, we are introduced to a general, sent by Queen Elizabeth, to crash the rebels in Ireland. It’s got love, fighting, social tensions and obligations, complications thrown in by Shakespeare himself, and so much more. To check out this show and others, go to : http://bardonthebeach.org/2015/shakespeares-rebel-play-synopsis.

Below: Photos: check out the latest public art, near Granville Island, called City Fabric.

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