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Local Vancouver Company Canada Ionizers Offers The Latest In Alkaline Water Ionizers
by Staff Writer


About Alkaline Water Ionizers

Guest Post by Canada Ionizers

Today there are so many toxins in our environment and food supply so it’s important to consume lots of anti-oxidants. One way to get anti-oxidants that you might not have thought of comes  from your drinking water.

Canada Ionizers is a leading Canadian distributor of Alkaline Water Ionizers. These are small machines that sit next to your kitchen sink and provide a type of filtered water. It’s more then filtered though, the water gets restructured though a process known as Electrolysis. The drinking water goes from being H20 to OH- or “hydroxyl ions”. This is a superior form of water for the human body because it turns into anti-oxidant water.

Each time you drink tap water or bottled water, it is causing oxidation in your body. This is a similar process to rust, you can see it when you leave an apple on the counter and it turns brown. The water from your tap is lacking vitality, its stagnant from sitting in the water pipes. Tap water also has many toxins due to chemicals in the water like chlorine.

Dr William Kelly M.D., author of ‘The Doctor Who Cures Cancer’ said “Alkaline water produced by a water ionizer has become the most important advancement in health care since Sir Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin.”

Drinking water from a water ionizer has the following benefits: superior hydration, detoxifies the body, strengthens immunity, promotes health, gives you more energy & tastes much better then tap or bottled water.

Canada Ionizers carries the Chanson Water Ionizer line. Most water ionizers sit on your counter beside the sink but there is also an under-counter model which comes with a computerized faucet for your drinking water.

If you’ve been wanting to step up your health, drinking water from a water ionizer is an easy and effective way!

To learn more about alkaline water and water ionizers visit http://www.CanadaIonizers.ca



Guest Post disclaimer: Disclaimer: This guest post comes courtesy of Canada Ionizers.  From time to time, Wiser traveller.org offers the opportunity for companies to do a marketing guest post. Please note that THE INFORMATION ON THIS WEB SITE IS FOR EDUCATIONAL AND INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL ADVICE, DIAGNOSIS OR TREATMENT.  The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site and please note that the opinions are those of the guest post author.



July 29th


Make Your Summer Fantastic With Great Deals For Everyone In The Family
by Staff Writer


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Dancers demonstrate moves on a sunny weekend in Vancouver.



Masks for sale at summer festival










July 26th


Folkies, Young And Old, Take In The Sights And Sounds of the 38th Annual Vancouver Folk Music Festival
by Staff Writer

Summer is not the same without the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, held at Jericho Beach Park from July 17-19. The weather was perfect for music fans who took in performances held on different stages held throughout the park.

It seems that wherever musicians performed, the audience clapped enthusiastically. Many also took to the grass dancing enthusiastically during some of the more high energy performances.

At the food court, food was mostly the same as in previous years except there was one missing vendor. — the man who shouted out “Chunky fries!” was not there this year. People could choose vendors offering fish and chips, to El Salvadorian tostadas, to corn-on-the-cobb, to flat pizza or French crepes. Although lines were long to purchase food at many vendors, especially during the early evening, people didn’t seem to mind the wait or the options of taking dinner eating on the sun-burned grass or at the few picnic tables available.

Recycling A Big Thing At The Festival 

I love the festival because it adopts lots of  green-friendly practices.  There wasn’t a speck of litter anywhere on the grounds. In fact, paper plates were nonexistent and people paid a $2 plate fee to get their meals served on a dish and once returned, received back their money. It would be great if these attempts to prevent wastage was adopted at other venues, including the food courts in major shopping centres. People were also encouraged to bring their own water bottles to take advantage of water fountains freely available inside the grounds.  After I passed my pop container to a young volunteer manning the recycling bins, she inspected the lid closely to determine the proper placing of  the item.

The Music!

With more than 60 acts from more than 15 countries, music lovers had plenty to choose from. All one had to do was check the times of the performers and go to the respective stages. Still, some folks took time out from all the music performances to read a book, nap in their tents, line up at the food court, or nap in the early evening.  As the evening grew darker, some couples snuggled together or played with their children. By and large, the crowd was mellow and easy going, and there    were no signs of rowdiness and /or people seen being removed by volunteer security guards.

Outside the gates, near the west end of the festival grounds, people milled around an area set up for vendors selling mostly  handmade items, like jewelry, pottery or ethnic clothing. Along the beaches, about a hundred people lay on the sand listening to the music and peering in at the festival from the outside.


Photo Gallery: Check out the photos from this year’s Vancouver International Folk Festival.

Below: The Uk’s Richard Thompson performed on the main stage Friday night in front of an appreciative audience.




Below: The Melbourne Ska Orchestra’s high energy music got people shaking to their tunes.

DSC_0041 (2)




Below: people line up to buy Chinese food at the food area.



Below: Below Son Little, from Pennsylvania, performs soul music for the audience.




La Galleria Social Club from Argentina delivers a unique Venezuelan sound.





IMG_6129 (3)

IMG_6035 (1)





IMG_6071 (1)



People “freeze” upon command by the lead singer of the Melbourne Ska Orchestra


Volunteers dress in colourful costumers to sell raffle tickets.


IMG_6057 (1)




Seize the Day! Online Entrepreneurs Wanted! Work From Anywhere In The World
by Staff Writer

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Working online is great for people who want more spare time for themselves.  You don’t have to worry about gas or driving to work. As well, you can work in your night clothes if you like.  The best thing is that you have the chance to earn unlimited income and have more freedom to do things that you want to do. Being an entrepreneur is not a 9 to 5 job but it opens the doors to a new way of life where you get to hobnob with exciting people brimming with new ideas.

So if you have a laptop and Internet, find out how you, too, can become an entrepreneur and live anywhere you want.



July 18th


Beat The Heat With This Great New Invention: Going To The Vancouver Folk Music Festival and Other Events Just Got More Cooler
by Staff Writer

Endless Infuser Water Bottle

When the mercury is rising, just what does a person do! Drinking water is a great way to cool down, but what if you want something a bit more healthier? The product is a water bottle where you can infuse the contents with your favorite fruits including oranges or strawberries. This invention is brilliant. This unique and healthy product is sold on Amazon and is BPA free, portable and reusable.  So if you’re biking, stuck inside the hot office, or need to cool off at one of Vancouver’s many events and festivals, this neat device comes in real handy and healthy. Who needs soda pop or fast food drinks when you can make your own delicious beverage.  Get yours at:  http://www.amazon.ca/Endless-Infuser-Water-Bottle-Naturally/dp/B00LRPA0OI.

When my shipment arrived, I was pleasantly surprised with the elegant design of the water bottle. It’s got a curved handle which makes it easy to handle and store in your backpack or cup holder in your car. There are a few nifty recipes included in the box. Over several days, I infused the water bottle with two types of fruit: strawberries and oranges. It was  a great success. I loved the fruitiness of the water and I drank the sweet liquid throughout the day. It definitely made me feel refreshed and satisfied. Most importantly, I feel good that I didn’t need to reach for any sugary soda pop. So if you are looking for the ultimate gift for yourself or someone else, go ahead and buy the Endless Infuser Water Bottle.





Upcoming this month:  If you’re stuck on ideas to do this this summer, make a stop at some music festivals. There’s lots of free and paid venues and if you’re a student or senior, don’t forget to tell the vendor to save on some money. You can always volunteer to get in for free and also volunteering gets you free meals as well as inside the venue.

Vancouver Folk Music Festival: July 17-19 2015.

This festival is special because of  it’s relaxed environment and offers great entertainment for the young and old. Many people have been going there for years: Find out for yourself why the Vancouver Folk Music Festival is one of the best loved in the province. If you are a first time visitor to the festival, you’ll discover international artists, local talent and you’ll be dancing or tapping your toes at many of the outdoor venues. It’s not just folk music, folks and that’s the truth. http://thefestival.bc.ca 

There’s a whole lot of entertainers from around the world including: the legendary Angolan singer-songwriter, Paulo Flores, Venezuela’s own La Gallera Social Club, Quebec’s own Cecile Dou-Kingue, South Africa’s Bongeziwe Mabandla, Vancouver based Indie band, Said the Whale, among others.

This year, the festival offers music and workshops throughout the entire weekend. When the sun goes down, the fun continues with evening concerts, food, and beer being served. There are even kids events so everyone gets in on the fun. If you want to do some shopping, there’s also an artisan market.

Vegfest Vancouver: July 19, 2015. Head on down to this day-long outdoor festival from 12pm -7pm. You’ll be able to discover all things Vegan, and see animal protection organizations and discover new businesses offering healthy vegan options. http://www.vegfestvancouver.com. Now in its fifth year, you’ll be able to listen to speakers, see musicians, and eat delicious vegan food.


Surrey Fusion Festival:  July 18-19 2015.  http://www.surrey.ca/fusionfestival/  This festival has got a long list of performers and events. Spread over 2 days, you won’t tire of things to do. There are cooking stages, a sports zone, photo booth, and of course the music! You can explore music from all over the world. Some performers are: The Hanyang Arts, Byzantine Blue, Hua Xia Multicultural Society, Jose Feliciano, La Familia Band, and so much more.

Check this blog for more information on upcoming festivals.

Photo from a previous concert at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival.




July 14th

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