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This Week: Tis The Season For Colds And … Cherry Blossom Festival! 40,000 Cherry Blossom Trees Start Emerging From It’s Winter Hibernation
by Staff Writer

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While most places in North America are facing bitter cold and snow, here in this part of the world, cherry blossoms are coming out early, surprising locals and visitors alike. When the blossoms emerge, for many it seems like winter may end early and the wonders of springtime are but a few steps away. The 9th annual Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is kicking off soon and from April 2 to 29, there are lots of colourful activities and events designed to celebrate these fragile blossoms. Events include a poetry (Haiku ) online contest, concerts, food, Plein-Air Blossom paintings, Kite Dance, Cherry Blossom picnics, Sakura Days Japan Fair, BC Blossom photo contest and so much more.

More details about event times are available at http://www.vcbf.ca. This site tells you where you can see find places where the cherry blossoms are emerging from its winter sleep. It didn’t take me too long to find some blossoms recently. I emerged from the shopping mall and to my delight, found a row of white cherry blossom trees.

Many of the 40,000 cherry blossom trees were originally given to Vancouver as gifts from Japan. You might find white or pink varieties, but there are over 20 different species found in the streets, parks and gardens in Vancouver.

But you better take your cameras to snap photos soon since after the trees reach full bloom in about a week, the petals start dropping and their life-cycle ends. That’s why these trees have intrigued philosophers and poets alike.  The brevity of life is displayed in the brief, beautiful opening and shedding of the cherry blossom flowers.







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