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This Week: Christmas Shopping Tips for The Last Minute Shopper And New Movie Review of Exodus: Gods And Kings
by Staff Writer

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Photo: Shopping for someone or a pet? You have just a few more shopping days before Christmas. Marcia, a former rescue cat, enjoys Christmas at home.

Special to Wisertraveller.org

Not too long ago, I checked my program guide and discovered a TV show that details  the history of the shopping mall. What a great idea! This one-stop shopping idea where retailers and shoppers can be together all in the name of commerce was such a great idea, malls are everywhere.  You don’t have to look far to find a mall. What’s great about malls  is  that if it’s raining outside, you can shop, then dine inside at a wide-selection of food outlets. You can have a sandwich, or a nice meal of Chinese or Greek favourites. Shopping malls also have a wide selection of retailers and consumers can choose from high-end to budget-friendly fashions.  Malls are also very much in tune  to the social media needs of consumers, many of whom are constantly on Facebook and other social apps.

One of my favorite malls is Lansdowne Centre in Richmond, BC. It ‘s got a great website and an equally  wonderful  Facebook page where consumers can find out about the latest promotions and specials.

The mall’s Facebook page is a way  for consumers to check out the latest  events, such as special Christmas music performances and of course, Mom and Dad’s  favorite –photos with Santa.  There’s also a Santa sitting for pet-lovers. https://www.facebook.com/lansdownecentre.  You can also stay on top of promotions, contests and boxing day specials at http://lansdowne-centre.com/boxing-week-specials/ Saavy consumers can check out these links on their phones when they are at the mall to find out what stores are offering great deals.  It’s great to be organized!


This Week’s Movie Review:

Review: Exodus: Gods and Kings –Great Acting And Special Effects Make This Movie A Winner
Bale Humanizes Moses
By NANCY CHAN, Film Reviewer
The new Ridley Scott film retells the story of Moses In  3D splendor. Dust clumps from horses’ hooves, a looming wall of water, a panoramic shot of slaves working on giant sculptures erected towards the glory of Egypt, it’s all there. But it’s not just special effects galore here; there’s a quieter story of one man’s struggle to make sense of the world and his place in it.
Who better to incarnate Moses, onetime general, then exile from the kingdom of Ramses, than Christian Bale?   Raised as equal to Ramses and rivaling him for the old pharoah’s affections as well as being a better leader and a better fighter, Moses is banished to the desert with the expectation that death will find him after he is denounced as a Hebrew.
The story of Moses, saved from death and raised by an Egyptian princess is retold in a few quick scenes. We meet Moses as an imposing adult, going into battle with the boastful Ramses.   Moses saves Ramses’ life in the battle, but his heroic actions are resented and downplayed for reasons of state.
After the old pharoah’s death, Moses takes on the role of advisor to Ramses.  A dramatic scene where Ramses questions Moses, his sister and his adoptive mother culminates in Ramses imprisoning and then exiling Moses.  Brotherly love has its limits it seems.
Moses in exile, fights off would-be assassins sent from Memphis to kill him, discover the land, and takes a wife and the existence as a shepherd far away from the urban splendors of his previous life. ‎   He receives his call to action after a harrowing night on a mountain, meeting a little boy who challenges Moses to do his duty and free the Hebrews from their servitude.
Anyone familiar with the story of Moses or the old film starring Charlton Heston knows what’s next. A series of tribulations is visited on the realm of the Pharoah – giant crocodiles who turn the Nile into a veritable river of blood, flies, frogs, locusts, a disfiguring plague and finally, the quick death that takes sleeping children not of the Hebrew faith‎ on one fateful night when Ramses refuses to heed Moses’ warning to give in to his demands.
The little boy, increasingly petulant and demanding, appears to Moses from time to time, inciting him to act or telling him to observe what else is in store. The little boy is cruel, implacable, the messenger of a god whose decisions cannot be explained, or challenged.
Bale humanizes his Moses, a general brought low and then high again with a burning wild-eyed zeal, using his formidable powers to build a ragtag army of resisters against pharaonic absolutism. He questions his choices, tears himself away from his family for the greater good, and leads his people on a long trip to the promised land. His opposite‎, Ramses, ably played by Joel Edgerton, is shortsighted, vainglorious and in the end a fool and Edgerton captures his character but manages to make him sympathetic at the same time.   He’s all angst, all the time, due to the troublesome Moses.
Some familiar high-powered talent in the forms of Ben Kinglsey, Sigourney Weaver, John Turturro, and Aaron Paul are supporting but they don’t get much screentime, which is a pity. ‎ ‎It’s fair to say that the special and computer effects enhance the film but do not overwhelm it, like many blockbuster films do, to the detriment of the actors or the plot.
One could draw parallels on different levels about politics, colonialism and enslaved peoples and acts that could be construed as terrorist acts, or one could just sit back and enjoy the film on another level and see how closely the film adheres to the Book of Exodus while it emphasizes in its own way The Great Man theory of history.  Exodus: God’s and Men will have you pondering who is the most capricious, cruel and variable of the two, in making the innocent suffer in order that an enslaved people might be freed?
‎A compelling take on an old story made new, and recommended whether you are there for the special effects bonanza or the powerful performances.
Reader Feedback: What’s your take on 3D? Do you like movies with 3D? And do you think it makes movies better? Your comments here…



December 20th


This Christmas Photo Event Is Not To Be Missed –Brought To You By the Kind Folks From City Baptist Church
by Staff Writer

Special To Wisertraveller.org

It’s great to see that there are free family-friendly events happening in Vancouver. This invitation comes from the friendly people at City Baptist Church which has sent a genuinely warm, personal invitation to the community to come out and celebrate Christmas at their amazing event. Here is their invitation:


Living in Vancouver, we know how difficult it can be to find affordable activities for our family during the Christmas Holidays. And that is why I wanted to invite you to our very first, free, Christmas family photo event at City Baptist Church.

So here is what we are doing, on Friday night, December the 19th, we will be opening the doors of the Vancouver Tap Dance Society studio to our community from 4-9pm. What you can expect is some fantastic home baked Christmas goodies to accompany your hot chocolate or cold milk and a free, professionally taken photo in front of a festive Christmas background.

The event is completely free and you can either register on this page for a time slot, or you can just show up during the event. Within a day you will receive a high resolution image direct to your em ail address and if you like, you can even pick up a 5×7 print of your photo on Sunday the 21st.

We are looking forward to meeting you and celebrating the season together.

And here’s the link:


The Date: December 19

The Place: 2775 E Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC




December 8th

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