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Summer Night Markets Are A Haven For Buyers And Savvy Entrepreneurs
by Staff Writer

One of my favourite places to visit in the summer is the Richmond Night Market. I love it because there is plenty of action and lots to look at. The bright lights focus on vendors selling a vast variety of goods . Here you will find just about everything under the sun –things like cellphone cases, summer strapless clothing for women, womens’ underwear,stockings umbrellas, plants, toys, purses, hats –the list goes on. I also go there for the food. Whether you are in the mood for fresh seafood like squid, dim sum, or corn on the cob, hungry customers have plenty of tasty Asian food to choose from. You won’t find any burgers or fries, but you may find a vendor selling belgian waffles.  Shoppers also could stop to watch entertainment, which on this particular day featured hula dancers and a group of mature women performing belly dancing.

There’s also interesting games that you won’t find anywhere else. I walked over to an area where i saw giant balls bobbing in a tank filled with  water . Inside the balls, people – I presume kids -were rolling around and having the time of their lives. It’s clear that some magical money-making idea lit in the mind of this entrepreneur. It all got me to thinking that without entrepreneurs selling a variety of goods, the world would be a very boring place filled with big box stores offering high-priced items. Entrepreneurs are people that make the world a whole lot interesting. But how does one get to be an entrepreneur or start out as a small business owner?

These are questions that are answered in an amazing podcast series that I listened to recently. The podcast titled Instant Authority Expert by Keith Shannon can be downloaded via iTunes for free  at: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/instant-authority-expert-keith/id907268283?mt=2&ign-mpt=uo%3D4. It features a super  collection of interviews with local and international people like John Lee Dumas, Mike Koenigs, Frank Kern, John Assaraf and Anthony Robbins. I enjoyed the high-energy interviewing style conducted by Keith Shannon whose interview with bestselling author Mike Koenigs was amazingly candid, revealing and chock- full of business tips that one would hope to find in a thick hardcover business book. Whether you are driving to work, or working out in the gym, you can listen to Keith’s smart podcast and will be all the wiser.

You’ll also be more motivated. I found myself wanting to listen to more podcasts and right after  Mike Koenigs’ multicast marketing, I listened to another podcast that Keith featured which involved another fabulous interview session with  Facebook marketing expert, Victoria Griggs .  I was floored that Victoria, too, seemed all too willing to give away important business lessons and discussed many things that helped her fine-tune  her path to success.

There is clearly passion in the voices of Keith Shannon and Mike Koenigs and Victoria Griggs. They clearly love what they are doing and it seems obvious that Keith wants you to be successful as an entrepreneur. If you have inner desires to become an entrepreneur or get better at being an entrepreneur, you’ve got to listen to Keith’s podcast. So turn off that music for a while and  focus instead on Keith’s brilliant podcasting series  and I am certain that you, too will be hooked.

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Belly Dancing at Richmond’s Night Market.



August 23rd


Two Travel Sites That Are Worth Checking Out!
by Staff Writer

It is said that people travel to become wiser. That may be true for some people, but for others, going to a foreign country could mean other things –a chance to have a vacation and do some sight-seeing. Whatever the reason, travelling to another part of the world does open up one’s perspective. I have had the opportunity to see some great places, such as seeing the Great Wall in China or visiting the museums in Paris. But making the big leap to a place as diverse and different as China or Paris can be somewhat intimidating if you can’t speak Chinese or  French.

Thankfully, I have had the opportunity to check out two travel sites. The first is called http://www.danxialandform.com which describes China’s most unique outdoor attraction –its many landforms. Incredible and fantastic are ways that I would describe the beautiful mountain scenery and landscape found on this website. If you love to take pictures, go hiking or discover the unique, going to Danxia, China may be what you should place on your bucket list. You’ll also be given a lesson in landforms and geography as the site faithfully describes what exactly a danxia is. Shaped over millions of years by natural forces, the Chinese danxia landscape is characterized by steep cliffs, red sandstone and majestic mountain shapes. The Danxia landform is so rich and impressive enough to be listed on the world heritage list. Don’t worry if you don’t know the language -you can always get an English guide.

Another site worth looking at is called, http://www.eiffeltowerguide.com. If you ever go to Paris, you must be sure to visit the Eiffel Tower. The website has just about everything you need to know about the grand structure, which was originally built in 1889 for an exhibition. It was the tallest structure of its time and admired by the public, but ironically it was snubbed originally by the artistic elite. You’ll learn a lot about the elegant structure which has graced the background of lots of movies and postcards. If you want to know who designed the structure, the author of the website faithfully discusses the life and career of the hardworking engineer, Gustave Eiffel. Don’t have the travel bug yet? After checking out these two websites, you’ll certainly want to put seeing the Eiffel Tower and seeing the unique Chinese danxia landscape on your bucket list.


Photo: Marco, the writer’s cat. In addition to reading about travel destinations, you can also check out travel sites. Two travel wesites are explored in this article.

2014-06-25 10.26.56


August 19th


Exotic Spices and Supplements To Help With Memory Issues Like Dementia Found in Vancouver’s Little India Marketplace
by Staff Writer

Summer may be here, and it is also a good time to explore one’s neighbourhood.  Close to my house is the amazing Punjabi Market also known as Little India. It’s a place where you can shop for Indian clothes, dine on curries or shop for your favourite spices.  I was there to look for a particular item.

My personal search lead me to research an Indian shrub which is very hardy and popular in India. Called Ashwagandha or Indian ginseng, its said to cure a variety of ailments, and is used to also give energy and provide calmness of mind. I was particularly interested in this natural supplement for myself as well, since I am most forgetful of common things sometimes like the location of my eye glasses or keys.  I  was intrigued even more when I read a study done in 2010 which stated that mice which had symptoms of Alzheimers had their symptoms reversed after just 20 days after being treated with this ancient herb. The  article is this one: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/04/07/ashwaganda-effect-on-alzheimers-disease.aspx

I’ve never heard of this shrub before and even worse, it’s hard to pronounce and memorize. After a few fruitless hours searching on the Internet for a store that may sell this supplement, I came up empty, Sure you can order this online, but I can’t wait for the mail. I am the kind of person who wants it now!

I was lucky and a short time later, I was in “Little India” at an Indian grocery store. . I wrote down this weird-sounding shrub on a piece of paper and the Indian man reached behind the counter presenting this most Ayurvedic herb. I was ecstatic because I had found what I was looking for in my own backyard. Most importantly, it was affordable. Would it work? I am on day two, taking this supplement but I seem noticeably calmer.  Is it just my imagination? I figure I will try it for another 18 more days to see if there is a difference. Will keep you posted.  Before you try this supplement, you may want to check with your doctor first. I am only writing about this from my personal experience since my goal was to find natural foods that heal.

In the meantime, if you want to find spices that are different and affordable, head on down to Vancouver’s East Indian grocery stores located in south Vancouver. On a recent visit to the Punjab food centre at 6635  main street, I was astounded by the vast array of spices, like citric acid and anistar,  that are waiting for you to explore and prepare the most amazing dishes. You will also find products mentioned on the Dr. Oz TV show that are good for your teeth –Neem tooth paste.

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Indian Ginseng


August 5th

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