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Germaine’s Antiques Offers A Pleasant And Inexpensive Trip Down Memory Lane
by Staff Writer

Now I like antiques. But who doesn’t? Depending on what type of antiques you are looking for, shopping for retro items  can get fairly expensive.  But when I spied a table full  of .50 cent items at Germaine’s Antiques in the upscale trendy Dunbar area, I was intrigued. Although I was looking for an ashtray for the occasional cigar smoker in my family, I discovered some quaint pieces that could be much too decorative for use as a mere cigar  resting place, but alas, the price was fitting and definitely not of this era.

The owner Germaine is an energetic 80-year-old and she surprised me by offering a buttered hot cross bun. Not that I was so special. She says she offers snacks to all her customers. This down-to-earth greeting is quite welcome, especially in this whirlwind world where most businesses treat customers like cash cows. Germaine explains to me that she has been selling antiques for quite some time, upwards of forty years and although the shop seems expensive, she drives a soft bargain.

Since  I was looking for an ashtray, she offers me some brass ones, going back to the thirties. $10 for all, she says enthusiastically, pointing out its rarity. I looked at the items with a bit of hesitation, wondering whether I should spend so much on this. In a second, she had knocked down the price to half its amount. I clutched my carefully wrapped brass ashtrays, along with an armful of .50 cent items from the table outside, as well as a carefully wrapped hot cross bun in a napkin –smiling widely as I made my way slowly out the door. I made a mental note to come back soon to this friendly antique shop and chat once again with the amazing and generous owner, Germaine. Oh, and that retro 70’s painting of a boat scene on the wall? Maybe, I wondered, it should look fine on the wall at my place. Another reason to head back soon.

Another reason to buythings that are antique is that it is great for the environment. If we support businesses that offer antique items we are keeping items out of the landfill and also teaching children the importance about preserving one’s history. History is about appreciating things  done in the past — a time when people spend time together and where there weren’t so many distractions.




Inside Germaine's Antique Shop

Inside Germaine’s Antique Shop

Germaine offers friendly service at her antique shop.

Germaine offers friendly service at her antique shop.

































































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