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One of Vancouver’s Oldest Printing Company -Ho Sun Hing Printing Co -Stops The Presses
by Staff Writer

Hilda Lam Watches Over The Customers

Hilda Lam Watches Over The Customers






When I heard the news, I was stunned to learn Vancouver would be losing part of its history with the closure  of Vancouver’s oldest printing company, located at 259 E Georgia Street. Located in the heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown, Ho Sun Hing Printing Co  has a store-front that is homey, but the interior itself is all work and family.

Last week, Wisertraveller.org took a visit to the historic business where its owner, 80-something Hilda Lam  and her grown-up children fielded questions from last-minute buyers looking to take home a piece of history by buying hand-made stamps of all sizes, or purchasing printing paper of all sizes. You could also buy the unexpected: like a fabulous antique rocking chair for $75, a wilderness oil painting circa 1957 for $150, exquisitely printed Chinese greeting cards, an antique Chinese drum set, wooden drawers, and of you had extra cash – antique, printing presses!

Family seemed to be an essential part of the business which is apparent when I walked around the business set up like a warehouse sale where one can see a mixed collection of things for sale. Pictures of  family members young and old proudly adorn part of the wall of the entrance of the family-run business and there is also an old newspaper clipping that shows another article about the historic  business.  Near the middle of the room, there’s also a pillar carefully charting the height of the kids as they grew up.

Asked how he felt about the closure of the business, Hilda’s amicable son, Marshall said he had mixed feelings. It’s easy to figure out why. It seemed that the business was around quite some time, started by an ambitious former railway cook name Lam Lat Tong who set up the printing shop in 1908.

No doubt with big dreams for his family. The love for quality is apparent in many of the items of sale, such as the exquisite Chinese printing cards to beautiful wooden stamps of all sizes.  It is also clear that the family matriarch Hilda was a great businesswoman, refusing to sell items at dirt-cheap prices. In fact, she haggled with me over some wooden stamps, which in the end, meant that I left with buying one, not two stamps, due to her refusal to lower her price.

Although the business closed recently, it’s clear that the original owner made a good investment. It was reported that the building sold last year for $1.65 million last year. That is a mighty jump from the purchase price decades earlier of the building for $20,000.


















March 30th

General Interest

Great Dessert Bar, Lots of Variety Offered For Lunch At River Rock Casino
by Staff Writer

If you are hunkering for a big lunch or have relatives or guests in town, a nice option for food is at River Rock Casino where they offer buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week.

At a recent outing for lunch on the weekend, the place was packed with diners and families with children, as well as casino customers. An elderly Chinese couple sat next to us, leisurely chatting over their buffet meal. Yes, all you can eat dim sum, salad, chow mein, pasta, pizza, crispy chicken and so much more. There’s also a carving station, where meat eaters can choose the cut of the day, and combine it with several vegetable dishes that included brussel sprouts and carrots.

When we arrived at about 1 pm, the line to choose either the Chinese or the Western cuisine was fairly light and during peak hours on previous occasions when we went there, there was a little bit of a queue. On this occasion, a large group of adults and children were celebrating a birthday. The beverage staff promptly brought coffee and tea and were quite efficient in clearing away plates and offered additional napkins.

We breezed through the lunch-time queue, and I piled my plate high with carrots, chicken, braised fish and headed to the Chinese section, which offered items like steamed bun -not filled with pork though – chow mein, fried rice and my personal favourite sticky rice.

There’s also a fine salad bar that contains a great selection of items like beets, diced eggs, green salad, carrots, and different types of salad dressings.

Afterwards, I headed to the dessert bar which often everything from soft serve chocolate and vanilla ice cream, to fresh fruit like pineapple and honeydew, to more fancier items, like cheesecake and tarts. You can top off your dessert by adding a spoonful  or two of delicious chocolate sauce.

If you choose a window seat, you will get a great view of the harbour. But not before you pay first, and dine later.

Lunch prices: adult $18.95  senior $16.25 kids $9.50 (If you have a casino card, you will get a discount off the price, about 10 percent)




March 13th

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