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8 Ways To Have A Greener Holiday Season!
by Staff Writer

As we close the year, it is a great opportunity to take the time to discuss important topics like protecting the planet and all of its inhabitants. One way to celebrate the holiday season with friends and family members is to also practice green-friendly habits. Here are some tips but feel free to be creative and create your own list.

1. Reuse wrapping paper. It’s always nice to give presents that are neatly wrapped, but it makes sense to reuse the paper for next year or another happy occasion. I often use gift bags and once received, I happily use the gift bag over again and give to another recipient.

2. Purchase organic foods and gifts for Christmas. It’s a great way to help someone be healthy by providing them with a gift card to an organic grocery store. Buying organic items like shampoo is another great idea. You might also want to purchase a canvass grocery bag to a friend or relative avoid the terrible habit of using plastic bags. Buying fair trade gifts also ensures that people in Third World countries are getting a decent wage.

3. Help save an animal or adopt one, if you can. Marco, the cat, (shown below) was recently adopted earlier this year. If you can’t own a pet, donate to the local animal rescue agency.

4. Learn to want less and waste less. If you can, work at home so that you can avoid taking the car to work, thereby helping cut global gas emissions. Stop using plastic cutlery. Get an ebook reader if you are a book lover. If you drive, take public transit more often.

5.  Buy locally and help local producers. At the grocery story, try to avoid buying out-of-province items and select food items made close to home. You will help support your local farm producers. Also, don’t forget to shop at the corner store, too which will help support independent grocers who also have a family to support.

6. If possible, support the environment by joining an environmental group of your choice, or make your own blog to promote the environment. If you are in school, join an environmental group or set one up yourself. At work, if you don’t have a recycling program, start one up now.

7. Visit your local park often. Find a park that you haven’t visited recently, bundle up and be amazed  at the wonders of nature. Visit your local bird feeder store and ask the clerk what seeds to buy. Often, birds need a helping hand in the winter time and I often throw seeds to crows and watch with enthusiasm when they swoop down to eat. I like to head out to Trout Lake in Vancouver which has great walking trails and plenty of birds to see.

8.  If you are like me, you probably have more clothes than you wear. If you don’t wear them much anymore, give them away to the Salvation Army, or some other charity bin but never discard them in the garbage. Leave as much stuff out of the garbage bin as you can.

Be Merry everyone and by all means, have a green, green Christmas!

From your friends at Wisertraveller.og and of course, Marco, the resident cat.

From your friends at Wisertraveller.org and of course, Marco, the resident cat.














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