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Home-style Thai Food Offered At This Cosy Eatery — A Kitsilano Secret
by Staff Writer

If you are looking for Thai food that is pleasantly different and satisfying, you’ve come to the right place.  The Bangkok City Cafe, located at 2953 west 4th avenue, offers diners decent food at an affordable price.

At this cosy and tidy eatery, you will mostly likely be greeted by the restaurant’s charming and polite host, Chris, who proudly proclaims that the comfy Thai food, comes made courtesy of his wife who provides the culinary wizardry. There are plenty of tasty dishes to choose from, and on the first occasion we opted to try the delicately spiced pumpkin curry and the delightful Pad Thai dish, served with coconut rice. We also tried the sweet and flavourful  Thai ice tea –simply delicious. On the second visit, I picked the honey-glazed orange chicken which is crispy and unlike any Thai chicken I have ever eaten. My suggestion to the cook: have the chicken served with a side dish, like a vegetable or rice dish.

The appetizers are equally delicious. We opted to try the shrimp trap, which featured large shrimp wrapped in wonton skins and deep fried. On an earlier occasion, we tasted the fish cakes- another tasty dish.

Most of the dishes are priced at around $10 and under, which is great for the pocketbook. On the two occasions we dined there, separated by several weeks, we were surprised to see another regular diner, who also raved about this place.

The owner, Chris, later reveals that he hails originally from Southern California, where he and his wife operated a Thai restaurant. For personal reasons, they  recently chose to move to Vancouver. Perhaps the California sun helped to inspire the culinary magic that we experienced at The Bangkok City Cafe.

Next time, I’m planning  to try the BBQ chicken, marinated in an authentic Thai sauce and served with sweet and sour sauce. My mouth is already watering.



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