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Italy, Brazil and Vietnam light up Vancouver Night Sky With Amazing Fireworks
by Staff Writer

Aug 7 2012
Thousands of fireworks fans gazed towards the night sky during the annual fireworks show put on this year on July 28, Aug 1 and Aug 4. The Honda Celebration of Light featured three countries, Vietnam, Brazil and Italy competing for the best fireworks display held at English Bay, Vancouver.

The competition attracts up to 400,000 people annually. During the festival, people also had a chance to listen to live music, sun bathe and eat at the many food carts available.

Aug 4 -the final night of the fireworks featured the team from Italy whose display of lights landed them as the winner this year.

A panel of judges also scored a portion of the fireworks display from each team based on 5 criteria: general concept, color, originality, quality of production and correlation of music.

What makes the festival so popular each year is that the dazzling display of lights lasts about 30 minutes, starting at 10 pm, and is accompanied by music chosen by the respective teams. This year is also the first time in 22 years for the fireworks festival that the public had a chance to vote through the festival website  and via the festival’s mobile app.

Over the years, the festival has gone through different sponsors, and financial support for the fireworks is always welcome .Organizers have encouraged fireworks fans to donate to the Vancouver Fireworks Festival Society by texting “light” or 393939 or by visiting .http://hondacelebrationoflight.com/p/donate.

For many people, the best part of summer in the city is the fireworks.

Pictures below show fireworks from the fireworks team from Brazil.


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