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What is Health and Wellness? Discover this at the Vancouver Wellness Show
by Staff Writer

The annual Wellness Show in Vancouver showcased dozens of health products touted to stave away wrinkles, bring upon healing, demonstrate fitness programs as well as highlight various healthy food items ranging from kale chips, to super vitamins  promoting ant-aging effects, to more newer items that I haven’t seen before, like Agave syrup used as a substitute sweetener and  hemp beverages. You can also find good old fashioned people there demonstrating the many benefits of square dancing, yoga or martial arts. And if you want to try something totally different, there  is Sufi  whirling –a kind of meditative dance with its origins in the  Middle East.  At the demonstration, a lone man dressed in a blue flowing outfit  twirled around and around oblivious to the stares of  a few curious people. He was joined later by a young woman  dressed in a colorful yellow flowing  garb who copied him in the same whirling motion.

Definitely, the Wellness Show is not for carnivores since I couldn’t see any displays where organic meats were displayed.  And if you were hungry, visitors could sample yogurt, cheeses, hemp drinks and so much more. With all the many things to do and see, it’s no wonder the Wellness Show is welcomed every year by its faithful followers, clutching goody bags  as they made their way home.





Kale Chips Anyone?



Square Dancing Fun!


Vegan snacks


workshops for meditation were a popular event at the Wellness Show

Middle: Agave Syrup from Mexico

Agave Syrup -An alternative sweetener from Mexico

Super vitamins from a company called Biosense introduced by a product host


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