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How To Plan for a Vacation
by Staff Writer

Welcome traveller! It’s great that you chose my site to learn about travel and how to get more out of going to a different destination. You don’t have to be rich any more to pack a bag and see the sites. Whether you are young or old, travelling is the best way to open your horizons and see and sample cuisine from different parts of the world.

Even if you choose to travel as a solo traveller, you can still have a great time! I’ve travelled solo myself to places like Hawaii and New York City. When you are by yourself, you can meet up with other solo travellers, or choose to relax in a coffee shop, shop for hours without interruption, and without being burdened by someone else’s schedule or chatter.

I’ve also travelled in groups and as a pair and appreciate the camaraderie and the banter that goes along with group travel. So whether you decide to travel solo or in a group, now is the best time to see the world.

So how do you decide where to go? That’s a question best left to yourself. Ask yourself a few of the following questions.

1. Do you enjoy swimming? The great outdoors? Hiking?

2. What is your price range? Are you going to take the plane, use your airmiles, or travelling by train?

3. When do you want to travel? Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall?

4. Are you going by yourself, or going with family, friends, or in a group?

5. Are you going to a place where English is not their first language? How comfortable are you in a country where people will speak Chinese, French or Spanish?

6. Are you interested in art, history and archaeology? What shows do you tune into when you watch television? Is the History or Geography Channel a place where you regularly go?

7. Are you a foodie? Do you prefer to explore the fine cuisine at a reasonable price, or do you enjoy cooking on a camp stove?

8. How long are you planning to stay? If you are opting for the long weekend, your budget will be different from planning for a week or two in the Big Apple.

9. Pets. If you have pets, will Rover your beloved Pitbull be coming with you? Will you be having someone look after Fluffy the Persian, or Tubby the gerbil? Above all else, plan to take care of your pets if you go away.

10. How will you be covering the costs of your vacation? If you are using your savings, you don’t have to worry about sky-high credit card interest rates.

11. Do you have the proper travel documentation to visit this country? Don’t forget your passport or Visa. (If applicable)

Once you’ve gone through the questions in this article, this may give you some idea as to which part of the world you should be aiming for.

Don’t forget. The best parts of the world that is ready for discovery may just be in your neck of the woods. Not too long ago, I heard that a large number of eagles are hanging around in the next town diving for salmons. What a great photo opportunity!

This site is also a great place to start. I’ll be exploring cruise ship travel in a future edition. I also have articles on places like Oregon, Alaska and Cuba. Enjoy!

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