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Food Lovers Embrace Vancouver’s Ethnic Side – Try Dim Sum
by Staff Writer

Sept 24, 2011

Vancouver’s restaurants are diverse, delicious, and truly ethnic. With restaurants coming from all areas of the world, including North African, Greek, Persian or Japanese, you will never go hungry here.

Chinese locals, especially the older Chinese, refer to Dim sum as “Yum Cha” or drink tea. I remember my parents often refer to this lunch-time delight this way.

Dim sum is a hearty choice for locals and visitors who have a chance to snack on deep fried squid, or have something heartier like congee, a rice-based soup, or sticky rice, a delicious combination of rice, egg yolk, meat and savory sauces. For dessert, you might try the light and flavorful egg custard tart, or mango pudding, served with a spoonful of evaporated milk.

Dim sum is served with tea which smooths the digestion and allows you to enjoy the flavors of the food much more. Not just any kind of tea. Some restaurants serve green tea, Chrysanthemum tea or Oolong tea.

It is a chance to try all kinds of food, and sit for over an hour or so chatting with friends or family members.

Dim sum is only served in the morning and ends at 3 pm. So get there early to avoid the lineups. Where: various places in Vancouver and Richmond, BC.

Pictured below: Dim sum at King’s Chinese Cuisine restaurant.

Featured: egg tart, gai lan,  pork dim sum.






September 24th

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Capturing the Spirit of Pacific Spirit Park
by Staff Writer

August 31, 2011

Set near  a high-end neighborhood filled with expensive and large homes, and near the sprawling University of B.C. campus, is a quiet park full of great biking, horse riding  and walking trails for dogs and people to enjoy.

Pacific Spirit Park, situated West of the city of Vancouver,  is a jewel among the city’s parks.  You will find yourself walking by yourself at times, hearing only the sounds of birds and the occasional animal, like the curious raccoon rustling in the trees. On a recent outing, we met a curious owl sitting on a tree branch, gazing at a man and his dog. Not carrying a camera at the time, I made a mental note to go by the tree later after a bike ride circling the park. When we did arrive back arrived with a camera built into my phone, the owl had flown away.  Disappointed, but thinking outside the box, we made some owl-like screeching noises, and to our amazement, the owl  came back and settled on a nearby tree.

On another occasion, I witnessed a raccoon and its kits  make its way up a tree trunk, stopping  only for a moment to stare back at me.

Everything about the park which stretches 763 hectares  is amazing and full of animal life and wild flowers  if you look for it. The park is also a great place to pick blackberries and just appreciate  the lush surroundings of the forest.

If you are a hiker, walker, mountain biker, or just want to appreciate the beauty of nature, Pacific Spirit Park is the place to visit.  It’s best to visit the park with a friend, since many trails are often deserted and you may only see  few people during your time there.  And often, when you are alone in the forest with only a friend, you may capture yourself mediating and reflecting on life –this may be one of the blessings of Pacific Spirit Park.

Look Closely, You Might Just See An Owl



This owl perfectly blends into his surroundings in Pacific Spirit Park


September 3rd

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