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Vancouver Folk Music Festival Thrills: Photos Capture Spirit of Brilliant Festival Featuring Artists like Bruce Cockburn, The New Pornographers, And A Global List Of Musicians
by Staff Writer

Summer’s here and that means it’s that time of year for one of Vancouver’s favorite music festival, the 39th annual Vancouver Folk Music Festival, to carry on it’s tradition of entertaining people of all ages. For 3 days, July 15 to 17, thousands of people flocked to hear and see from a eclectic list of performers who astrummed, sang and danced at various stages set up at Jericho Beach Park.

Selected photos taken during the 3 days show only a selection of the dozens of performers who entertained the largely enthusiastic festival crowd.

On Friday night, people got a sampling of hoedown music, courtesy of Mandolin Orange, Sarah Jane Scoulten, and The Bills.
On Stage 2, British performers, Lucy Ward, The Young’uns and the Moulettes faced the friendly crowd with lively music. At another stage, famous slam poet, Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long, amazed people with his enthusiasm and his powerful words.

Canadian Elage Diouf took to Stage 3 with his upbeat, rousing Senegelese-inspired music. He thrust out his hands in enthusiasm, much to the delight of the audience. (see photo below).

The schedule for Friday also saw Vancouver’s own, The New Pornographers, (below) take to the stage full of the raw power of their carefully crafted songs.

On Saturday, there were more new performers who enthralled the audience. Some artists came as far away as China. Dressed in partly traditional gear and performing traditional instruments,(see photo below) Aginai’s music was a careful blend of electric guitar meshed with hypnotic and eastern Mongolian folk music. Even if people didn’t understand the singer’s nonEnglish lyrics, it was all easy listening.

Over on Stage 6, a big, sweaty crowd danced to a group of performers, including Venezuela’s ensemble group, fronted by Betsayda Machado. (pictured). The feel-good Afro-Latin American music got people smiling, happy and dancing with enthusiasm.

The weather was mostly favorable throughout the weekend, except for Sunday, when a few showers showed up for a brief, few hours.

By the time the incomparable, Bruce Cockburn, took to the stage at 8 pm, the rain disappeared and many people who brought rain gear, doffed it off as quickly as they put it on.

Around the festival grounds, one could see a few young people dressed up in fun, festive gear. On ocassion, one could see unique sights: like a man walking with a book on his head, or an older man wearing loose-fitting clothing twirling around to the sound of the music. (see photos).

In the kids’ area, young children were busy with plenty of activities, such as going on stilts (see photo below), playing instruments, or swinging the hula hoops.





IMG_7084Left: Bruce Cockburn











If You Plan On Going To One Festival This Year Go See: The Vancouver Folk Music Festival
by Staff Writer


Photos: Left: Bruce Cockburn and Ajinai plays the Folk Fest this year. (Photo courtesy of VFMF media centre)

Are you ready to have fun? Do you have friends in town or if you are planning a staycation or have the weekend free, you must go to the world’s friendliest and hippest music festival, The Vancouver Folk Music Festival. From July 15-17, performers from all over the world will show off their talents at 7 beach front stages at Jericho Beach Park.  How many performers? Well there’s more than 60 acts from more than 18 countries.

You’ll hear music from all over the world. Here’s just a partial list of some amazing performers.

-There’s a fusion of experimental Afro-beat from Jojo Abot.

– Ajinai (China) offers up ancient sounds from Mongolia. Unknown-5

-Folk, gospel, soul music comes courtesy of Birds of Chicago.

-Desert Blues is offered by Faris Amin. (Italy, Algeria).

-Grammy awards nominee, singer-songwriter, Hayes Carll from Texas, offers up some clever, roots-oriented lyrics.

-Music legend, Bruce Cockburn, will dazzle the audience with lots of heart-felt songs from his 40-plus career as a singer-songwriter.

-Slam poetry champion, Shane Koyczan (British Columbia)  comes back to the fest, bringing along his back-up band, the Short Story Long. If you have never seen Shane perform, you are in for a treat. In fact at one live showing, one of his poems hit a nerve and tears were streaming down my face. Wow. That’s truly up close and personal.

-BC’s own, The New Pornographers takes to the stage with their creative, lively and wonderful music.

-For a taste of Algiers, catch the talented Karim Saada who will show audiences his smooth voice and his skill on many instruments, including the banjo, the mandol, and the guitar.

To get a full list of the performers and to get ticket information, go to : http://thefestival.bc.ca/2016-home/

Don’t forget to bring extra cash because you have a chance to meet some of the performers and buy their music at the festival.

Another wonderful thing about the festival is it’s laid-back atmosphere. You will meet regulars who come to the fest annually. There are even tents set up by attendees who relax before and after the concerts, and many people of all ages get up and simply dance. You may also see men and women of all ages, swing the hula hoop.

The festival is family-friendly because there’s even a childrens’ area called, “Little Folks Village.” Children can learn to make crafts, get their faces painted, and also listen to interactive story-telling.


I also like that the festival promotes green initiatives.

No bottled water is sold at the festival so people are encouraged to bring their own bottle.

Compostable cups and cutlery are provided at the site.


Below: from a previous festival, a woman shows off her hoola hoop skills.


Current Family Friendly Events
Bring the whole family to see tons of top performers and musicians. The Kitsilano Showboat has been entertaining locals and visitors for decades. On a recent visit, I attended showboat and listened to the amazing big band sounds from the Royal City Concert Band.

To see the schedule go to: http://www.kitsilanoshowboat.com


Below the Royal City Concert Band.



July 10th


Climbing Dunn’s River Falls In Jamaica Makes For A Hands-On Brotherly Experience
by Staff Writer

Special To Wisertraveller.org -reporting from Jamaica.

It’s almost like a spiritual experience climbing Dunn’s River Falls. The group of us await patiently as we await the group’s leader, a burly Jamaican who tells everyone to call him “Big Foot.” He tells the group of tourists, young and old, to mind our manners, as we will be climbing the Dunn’s Waterfalls, a magnificent natural attraction that is not to be taken for granted. In fact, he does a short prayer and crosses himself, before we gather down below to climb what clearly looks dangerous but inviting. At 180 feet and 600 feet long, the waterfalls are terraced like a staircase, which makes it a popular excursion near Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Before we begin, he tells everyone that climbing the falls would be a group effort –we would have to hold each other’s hands and pull each other up, one excruciating step after another. It’s a scary experience and for those who want to continue, they sign waivers, while the rest opt to watch the climbers along the side.

“Big Foot” tells us that it could get slippary on the rocks, hence, the reason why we are wearing water shoes. He makes everyone chant, “All for one and one for all!” Then, suddenly, he asks quickly, ” What happens if a lady falls?” Someone says outloud, “We all fall!” “Big Foot” is not happy with the answer and advises that the correct one is that we aid each other. Seeing and hearing the waterfalls, I feel my desire to climb this natural wonder fade slowly. But an older man chimes in and says even with his surgery, if he could do it, anyone could. Well almost everyone.

As we climb up the first level, I hold the man’s hand tightly in front of me. The first steps are a bit easy but as I climb more, every step gets harder and pretty soon, the actual waterfall is literally in my face! Huge torrents of water flow quickly past my face and I am told not to stare at it. But it is tortuous and I moan and groan in fear. Finally, we have passed the major waterfall, but I am spent and I seem only to have completed 25 percent of the falls. I walk towards one of the exit signs and seem comfortable taking pictures.

As these photos show, the climbers go up the falls, passing through various levels and during the adventure, the guides take videos and photos to sell to the tourists later. There are opportunities for some great photo ops –which happens when the guide tells the climbers to fall back into the water –a refreshing and a memorable dip! If you climb with the group, it will take 1 to 1.5 hours with short breaks for photos and a dip in the small pools that surround the waterfall.

If you go, be prepared to get wet! Wear a swim suit and take water shoes. It’s quite a tiring hike but the experience will last a lifetime. For those who choose to watch from the sidelines, that’s ok, too. You’ll have photographs to admire for years from now.



































































































May 30th


Living in Paradise in Vanuatu Just Got Easier With This Service To Help You Live In “The Happiest Place On Earth”
by Staff Writer

Have you ever thought about living and working in a part of the world where the sun is always shining and the people smiling? Read on!

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April 22nd


Need A Delivery Service To Pick Up Coffee, Or Items For A Recipe? Move Over Uber! –This Upcoming New Online Delivery Service Promises To Move More Than Flowers Or Pizza To Consumers
by Staff Writer

Special To Wisertraveller.org

In Vancouver, we have pizza delivery services. But if you are hunkering for donuts or a cappucino, and you are too tired to drive? What do you do?

This week, We at Wisertraveller.org are happy to invite the inventor of Bring This, a new on-demand App, to explain how this service works and how consumers and sellers can benefit.

Melvin Bunag, inventor of Bring It, a new app bringing consumers who want things in a jiffy to sellers who can deliver.

Melvin Bunag


Guest Post Writer

by Melvin Bunag

Bring This was conceived a few times… when I was relaxing on the couch or couldn’t leave work, I craved Timmy’s or Starbucks. When I planned to make an amazing dish but forgot to buy a key ingredient from Walmart or Safeway. What’s the common denominator? None of these businesses offered delivery.

On August 1, we’re launching Bring This, an on-demand tool to request for items and services to come to you. Everything including food, clothes, accessories, services – they can all come to you. Here’s how it works:

Request it – if someone’s near the location where you need something, they’ll get notified on their phone. They’ll then let you know if they can pick it up for you.

Pay for it – using your Credit Card, pay for the item and the Runner fee (the amount the person says they’ll charge you for bringing the item)

Receive it – whether it’s an item or a service, they should get to you within the estimated time using the real-time tracker on your phone.

How much will this cost? Well, that depends on a couple of factors:

Item cost: this is a set price established by the business you’re purchasing from. There’s no wiggle room here… you can’t ask Starbucks or Tim Horton’s for a discount on your coffee!

Runner fee: this will vary depending on the amount someone wants to charge you for bringing you the item. People can bid their fee and you can select the lowest price possible!

We want to make your life easier while opening up a world of possibilities. Have someone bring you life’s necessities while you stay in the moment. We’ve all had those times when we wished our favourite businesses would come to us… it’ll be possible soon enough!

Check out bringthis.ca for more information!


April 6th

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